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    I need to find some!

I feel like I have lost the will to cook. It is utterly depressing! I'm not sure what's happened lately. You would think that I would be so excited to be in the kitchen, considering I now have a fabulous kitchen to be in. I just can't seem to muster up the energy. I would like to blame it all on this pregnancy, but I'm not completely sure if that's the reason.

This month has been a big pile of crap. We bought a used fridge and within a week it stopped working. Luckily it was just the defrost timer, so it was easy and cheap to have fixed. I've also had problems getting in to see an advisor at my school. A good thing is that I got a job, but now my car is completely fried and I won't have the money to do anything about it until August.

Enough complaining.

I will hopefully find the will to cook something that isn't from a box soon!


Cooking for Diabetics said...

Try and keep positive!

Leslie said...

You've been given the Sunshine Award!
The details are on my blog post here: http://girlysbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/09/sunshine-award.html

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