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My goodness...

Has it really been three whole months? I guess the dates don't lie!

As I said three months ago, I had lost my will to cook. Even being in culinary school didn't help. I ended up having to drop my two culinary classes though, because I had no way back and forth to campus (the rest of them are online.) I'm going to re-enroll in them for the spring semester. I did, however, get a great knife kit out of the deal. Don't worry, I plan on doing a blog post about them.

We're now in our 31st week of this pregnancy and, even though my pelvis feels like it's been broken, things have finally started going better. I think I've hit my nesting phase where I finally feel like I have a little bit of energy throughout the day! This paired with being hungry all the time has restored my faith in cooking.

Last night I threw together some BBQ Bacon Chicken that I couldn't get enough of. Then tonight I had no clue what to make. All I knew was that it would involve chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and pasta. I ended up with a dish that was AMAZING! (I'll have the recipes for both up here soon!)

I think part of my renewed faith in cooking has come from the impending holiday season. Last year I made huge baskets filled with homemade goodies for our family and friends and they were a HUGE hit! I was debating on doing similar ones this year, but was iffy considering the fact that our baby is due on December 23rd. I think I've finally decided to go ahead and do it. I figure it I spread it out over the next two months, that it shouldn't be that bad. People might end up with a Tupperware full of random, half finished candy! hahaha We will see.

I just thought I would pop in and say hello to everyone. I can't believe I still have 40 followers! I guess it's hard to remember to delete something that you have forgotten about (Lucky for me!)

I am going to go through my google reader tonight, and will probably be posting links to great posts that I hope you all will read. Plus, I'll post my latest two recipes!


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