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Go Green

The world we live in has become lazy in the sense that they do not believe that individual people can make a change. That is a poposterious idea! If we want a planet for our future generations to live on, then we have got to make a change! Change is something that starts at home.

A lot of people in today's society thinks that making an effort to go "green", means giving up deodorant, braiding your hair, and slipping on some Birkenstocks. That is just not the case. According to Encarta Going Green means: to become actively interested in environmental issues and support environmental causes. Urban Dictionary defines it as: To adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle by recycling, buying local, reusing, minimizing driving, etc.

Here are a few of tips and links to help you on your journey of going green!

There are 3 main ways that people begin going green.
     -Sustainable living. Sustainable living involves limiting your use of natural resources and relying more on what you can produce and do yourself. Some examples are: conserving energy, choosing a more eco friendly mode of transportation, buying local foods (or even better, growing your own.)
     -Switching to "Green" friendly products: This would mean trading your cleaning supplies out for natural, more enviro-friendly ones, buying recycled products ( such as paper products, aluminum foil, ect...), cutting plastic out of your life (I'll talk more about this later), and buying organic foodstuff. These all reduce all the contamination that we cause our plant life, water, air, and just about everything else on the planet!
     -Recycle and Reuse: I cannot stress this one enough. Here are some of the down and dirty facts about garbage:
-According to Clean Air.org the average person will create 56 TONS of trash per YEAR.
-Only about one-tenth of all solid garbage gets recycled in the US.
-Throwing away one aluminum can waste as much energy as if that can were 1/2 full with gasoline.
That is only the tip of the iceburg. Check out the rest of the list HERE.
By recycling our waste we reduce the need for landfills and it conserves energy! Check out 1800Recycling.com to find a recycle center near you!
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