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Do you have chicken nugget fans in your house?


If your kids are like mine, then asking them what they want for dinner seems like an impossible task. The number one thing my children ask for is CHICKEN NUGGETS... yuck!

When I first met my fiance his daughter was completely addicted to McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Over the past couple of years her desire for them has wavered. Thank goodness!!!

I am not a "fast food" kinda person, which I believe has made my children want it even more. Luckily, they've pretty much learned not to even bother asking for it.

Today I was roaming around on the web and found this nifty little video. It shows kids just what all goes into chicken nuggets.

My kiddo is finally understanding why it's better to eat at home, as compared with going out to eat. She genuinely prefers it if I cook for her. My stepdaughter is a whole other thing! She prefers some McDonald's any day!

Have your kids shown an understanding about what is actually in the food they eat at fast food places?


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