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A Busy Cooking Day Planned

This year I've lucked out and managed to not have a single plan for Memorial Day, so I believe I'll spend the day in the kitchen. It's been a while since I've had an actual "cooking day". 

On the list for tomorrow... 

  • no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies
  • A big pot of pinto beans. Half will be put up in the freezer and the other half I'll use for... 
  • Refried beans. I'm going to make up a bunch of bean and cheese burritos to put in the freezer for my boyfriend.
  • A pot of black beans for the freezer. 
  • I'm hoping to try out a new recipe for homemade poptarts. 
  • And then I'm seriously thinking about trying to make some homemade samoas! (can you tell I've been craving cookies?)
Hopefully this will all work out the way I'm hoping! Wish me luck and be sure to stop back by to check out the recipes as I post them the next few days!  Have a Happy Memorial Day!


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