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Taste of Bowling Green

     That one word sums up the entire event! 

It was amazing! I cannot believe that I have never attended that before! I can promise that I won't miss out on it again! At $ 35 a pop, the tickets were totally under-priced (but shhhh... don't tell them that!.) There was sooooo much food! Oh, and wine... all the wine! It seemed like every time I would get a new plate of food the people at the next table would be trying to fill my glass with something new! The bad news is that in my excitement, I walked right out the door without my camera; So did my mom! I've scoured the internet for pictures, but I haven't found much! Here is a rundown of how the evening went!

We got there a little early. While we waited for the doors to open we took a look at the items in the silent auction. There was a little of everything, from spa gift cards to signed WKU basketballs. After standing in line, smelling all the aromas of what was to come, they let us in! This is when I wished I had brought my camera. The decorations were very elegant. They took balloons and made them into mini hot air balloons, which were over each reserved table. Then each vendor decorated their own booths.

They started out by giving you a program and a wine glass (which you wasn't allowed to keep *sad face* .) You are then set on the path to food fulfillment! We soon realized that the direction they pointed us was not the direction everyone was traveling, but it was the direction of wine! I ended up with a glass of Little Black Dress Cabernet Sauvignon. It was very good. My mom kept calling me a lush, because every time we came to a booth that had wine I tried some. In my defense, I am not a wine person, but I wish I was! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out some new ones! Try I did.

I won't take you through the whole event, as I'm sure it would not be as fun to read as it was to experience. Here are a few favorites of the night, and a few of my not so favorites!

  • Southern Foods had an amazing veggie table that was scrumptious! 
  • Red Lobster was one of my favorites with their Shrimp Bruschetta. 
  • At one of the liquor booths I got to try the new Kraken Black Spiced Rum! It was some of the smoothest rum I've ever drank... try it.... immediately! 

  • Brickyard had a pretty good tiramisu, but it still doesn't compare to Verdi's
  • Four Roses Distillery was there with three different bottles of whiskey/bourbon you could try. I tried the single barrel and it just wasn't for me, but on an up note, I did get to keep the glass!  

  • Sysco surprised me by having a lot of green-friendly info at their booth. They have recently started getting all local meats!
  • Chuck's Liquor was there with the best wine of the evening! It was Kentucky Orchard Wine's Strawberry! It was awesome. 
  • Griff's Deli was a place that I passed by all the time, but never really paid any attention to! I will now! They had some amazing wraps and GREAT salads! 
There was so much food that after the first couple of booths I made a 3 bite rule... 3 bites of each food I got. The rule didn't last long, I had found bananas foster! Oh my!

The best of the evening though was Rafferty's marinated ribeye and peppered prime rib pasta! The ribeye was sooooooo juicy and tender!

Now I have sat here and made myself hungry! I hope that all the locals that read my blog will take part in next year's Taste of Bowling Green! It's worth every penny and it all goes to a help The Dream Factory!


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