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Product Review: Horizon's Organic Milk

As have said before, I always go down the organic aisles to see what items are on sale. Well, this week I noticed that Horizon's Single Serve Organic Milk was on sale 10 for $10! That's really an amazing deal for this area. Usually these run at almost $2 each.

I have recently been looking for something other than juice boxes to put in my stepdaughter's lunch for school, and considering the only other two things she'll drink are milk and water... my choices were limited! I'm always scared to put milk in her lunch because I'm afraid it won't stay cold enough, or it will leak. I know all too well that if milk leaks in a lunch box, by the end of the day it will smell horrible... Trust me! Considering these need no refrigeration I thought it just might work! So when I seen these on sale I thought it would be the perfect time to try them out on my kids.

I only bought one vanilla, one chocolate, and one strawberry. The vanilla one tasted exactly like a melted vanilla milkshake! I was sooooo yummy! The strawberry one was a little too sweet for my taste. It reminded me of the powdered strawberry Quick. When we finally got around to trying the chocolate one, my kiddo was in love! She informed me that it was "the best chocolate milk ever!" I personally thought it was a little too chocolate-y (yes, for me there is such a thing.)

Over all I think these are all great tasting, quick, and super convenient! I will definitely buy these again!

Check out the Horizon's Website for other products they offer.

Head over to their facebook page to fan them and click HERE to get some coupons for Horizon's products.


Helene said...

I'll be doing a review of this sae product soon so it's good to hear that you all liked it!!

And yeah 10 for $10.00 is definitely a bargain when it comes to organic milk!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog..hope you'll be by again soon!

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