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Meal Plan Monday


It's almost Monday again, which means it's time for yet another list of meals I won't prepare meal plan.

Monday- Beef Roast w/ potatoes and carrots

Tuesday- Crock pot chicken fajitas w/spanish rice

Wednesday- Lasagna Rolls

Thursday- Slow Cooker Hearty Beef Stew

Friday- bbq meatloaf w/ baked beans and broccoli

Saturday- Leftovers

Sunday- Sloppy Joe turnovers

So hopefully this week I will stick to the plan! If you want to check out some more meal plans head over to Organization Junkie!


MollyinMinn said...

So what are sloppy jo turnovers? I have never heard of those.

OutnumberedMama said...

Ha! MollyinMinn - I have the same question! Sounds interesting - please share the recipe, Green Girl! You might also like to visit my site - http://guidetosurvivingmotherhood.blogspot.com

Jen said...

Good luck sticking to your plan this week! What's the biggest thing that usually gets in your way?

Trippy Momma said...

I just posted the recipe... head here to see it... http://bit.ly/aTgu3U

Trippy Momma said...

@Jen... usually life gets in my way. Thing with school and the kids always seem to come up last minute. We're definitely getting better at it!

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