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My busy life!

So, I realized today, that I have to start blogging more. I have all this stuff going on and I was using it as an excuse to not blog. But in reality it would probably help me to blog about it... Keep it all organized and get my thoughts out!

I have so much going on lately. My fiance's and I are hosting a baby shower for his best friend. The mother-to-be is vegetarian so I'm trying to make the party mostly meat free! It has been fun finding some new recipes that I wouldn't normally look for!

I was asked to participate in what's called a "sample box". Business' send in samples of their products and these people will box them all up. Then people can buy a "sample box" full of all these goodies for $22!!! There is all kinds of stuff in these boxes, like melts, scrubs, bath , body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, all from some of the best etailers on the web! Click the pic to check it out!

Plus, I have decided to set up a booth at our local flea market to see if I can do well out there. So I'm trying to build up my inventory, plus add some variety to it! I'll post some pictures of my products as I finish them!


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