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Have you ever lost your Mojo???
I have...

My cooking mojo went out the window the moment I got pregnant, it seemed. Then I had the baby and it came back, only to be pushed aside to make time for the new baby.

As you can see, I hadn't even posted an announcement saying that I had given birth! Needless to say, I fail!  

So let's do a quick catch up, shall we...

On January 5th I gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl... she was 2 weeks late and stubborn like her father. Everything went perfect with the labor and delivery and so far she's been a pretty good baby! She was almost 9 lbs and was 22 inches long.
Her name is Sofie and she's already o' so spoiled!

Now, on to food...

As most of you know, I'm in culinary school... i love the cooking aspect of it... the bad part is the professor. There are only 2 professors for the entire culinary program and one of them is super nice. The other, however, is an ass. He and I have just rubbed each other the wrong way from the very beginning. needless to say it's making this very unenjoyable. I'm  hoping that it will get better, but only time will tell.

I haven't really had much time to cook lately. Between the 3 kids, school, trying to find a job, and oh yeah... did I mention I joined my local roller derby team???

I'm not bad-ass enough to be a skater, but I am cool enough to be a NSO (nonskating official). Our girls are called the Vette City Vixens (because our town is home of the corvette).

Any how, that's what's going on with me... I have a few recipes that I've tried over the past few weeks that I plan to post... i just need to find the time to actually get them typed up. Oh, and if you start seeing random little picture free posts, it's because i'm posting from my phone!

Thanks for being loyal and sticking around even when I'm not here! Hopefully I'll get the time to come back and spread my cooking mojo!!!!


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