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Interesting News!

These past few weeks have been crazy. I've felt like everything had been flipped on it's ear! Then this past Wednesday we found out why....


It came as a total shock to us. We weren't trying and definitely wasn't expecting it, but it happened! I believe the shock is finally wearing off, and I'm becoming more and more excited about it! I'm about 5 weeks now, and my first drs appointment is May 18th. Yay!

If this is anything like my first pregnancy, then I will spend most of it in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes! I look forward to sharing the next several months with all of you. Be it the good, the bad, and/or the ugly!


Angie said...


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Trippy Momma said...

Thanks everyone! I'm really starting to get super excited about it!!!! YAY! lol

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