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Another Day In the Yard

The kiddo and I decided to head back outside today to tackle our next task... 

This is what it looks like along the side of my house. Sad, I know. Last year the leaves just kept coming and coming and I never raked them. So now they have sat there all winter and I just can't take it anymore.
I got the most of it done today, but now I have no clue what I should do with this area... it's nothing but dirt.
Of course my kiddo's answer was to plant flowers, but this area of our yard gets zero sun. From what the neighbors have told us, grass won't even grow there.
Anyone have an idea of what might work well in this area???? 
We ended up sitting down for a break and I got sidetracked taking pictures of the kiddo! I could do that all day long, but with a face like this....

who  couldn't :)


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