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Plenty of good to go around!

Pickled Garlic..... seriously!!! 

Have you tried this? I am addicted. The flavor isn't that much different, but it adds a nice kick in my dishes.

Why does it seem like life always gets in the way of me blogging? It doesn't get in the way of me cooking though. Lately I have tried so many new recipes. Some a total sucess... a lot of them were flops. 

I have set a few goals when it comes to cooking; First, I plan to start writing more of my own recipes. Not that I don't enjoy trying out other people's masterpieces... I just like when someone tries my food and I can say that it is 100% mine. Second, I plan to perfect a lower calorie brownie. This is a big undertaking. Brownies are something that I love love love! However, they do not like my waistline! I made my first batch last weekend. I found a super simple brownie mix recipe that could be made up ahead of time and then I switched out half the fat with some plain yogurt. They didn't turn out horrible, just not what I'm looking for. 

 oh and I made THIS:
Cajun Fish with mushroom rice.... OMG! it was amazing. I have to get the recipes typed up and then I'll be posting them for you! 

I'm glad to see some of you have stuck this slow period out with me. Lots more to come! 


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