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House Hunting, Birthday Parties, and This Thing We Call Life

I think we need a good laugh...

Things are hectic... to say the very least. I have so much going on at the moment. Here is a briefing of my life at the moment...

  1. Find a job. 
  2. Plan my kiddo's birthday party.
  3. Keep everyone fed (this is taking more and more effort on my part) 
  4. Get some Dr.'s appointments lined up. 
  5. Try and get everything together, so that I can preregister Kali for preschool. 
  6. Spend time with all the people in my life at the moment (yet again, becoming increasingly hard)
  7. Keep this blog up-to-date. 
  8. Get another blog up and going for a friend
  9. Oh and house hunt. 
I'm so freaking tired! It doesn't help that I've been in this funk lately, to where I just want to lay in bed all day! 

I have so many recipes I need to get posted on here. I promise to try and get them all typed up tonight, so that I can post them over the next couple of days!!
I hope everyone is having great weather! It's been beautiful here! 


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