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Meal Plan Monday


It's that time again! This week will be a little crazy for me. I need to hit the grocery, but I probably won't have time until Wednesday! Here's what I have so far this week...

Monday: It's meatless Monday again. I believe I'm just going to make a big variety of veggies! 
Tuesday: BBQ pork chops and potatoes in the crock pot. 
Wednesday: We'll probably go out to eat with the kids. 
Thursday: Slow cooked Pork Carnitas
Friday: Baked Buffalo Chicken, mashed potatoes, and a salad
Saturday: Shepard's Pie
Sunday: This is Easter, so we'll be at my moms for dinner. 

That's it in a nutshell. As always, it's subject to change lol! I usually grocery shop a month at a time, but this month I've decided to go every other week. We'll see if maybe that will help me stick to my menu plan a little better.

Don't forget to stop by I'm An Organization Junkie's website for more menu plans!   


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