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Dear Someone...


Dear Kali... Why do I always have to ask you 5 times to pick up one toy? You think eventually you would learn that you would get to do what you like a lot quicker if you just picked the toy up!

Dear Mom... When I was pregnant you told me that, "You hoped my daughter was just like I was as a child." At the time I thought that was sincere, and sweet. Now I realize that it was really a curse.... thanks!

Dear Neighbor... If I have to ask your daughters boyfriend to stop parking in my spot one more time I think I might scream. I believe the next time he does it I'll leave him a lovely note asking him to move.... It'll be super glued to his side mirror!

Dear lazy, spoiled, annoying cats... I would appreciate if you would stop meowing. Plain and simple. I enjoy my sleep which seems to always get interrupted by you... and I'm tired... so tired!

My dear sweet wezul.... When will you learn that I'm right? Always... You always act so shocked when something happens to prove me right... get over it! The faster you get with this program, the better off we'll all be... I love you!

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Jennifer said...

HAHA I love those letters The first two hit home with me! My mom always says you pay for your raisin'. She claims I was such a wonderful kid though so whos raisin am I payin for?

shortmama said...

If my oldest listens somewhere in the first 10 times I tell her to do something then its been a good day!!

Thanks for joining in!

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