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Product Review: Flax Plus® Red Berry Crunch Cereal


I have been making a solid effort to eat a little better. By eating more organic food, more local, fresh food, and by making sure I eat well rounded meals. The one thing my diet has always lacked is fiber.... fiber, fiber, FIBER! It seemed that no matter what it was, if it was high in fiber... I didn't like it.

So when I went grocery shopping last time, I was cruising down the organic isle and I came across a cereal by Nature's Path called Flax Plus® Red Berry Crunch. Normally I will bu y the Special K cereal that has the berries in it, but this time I thought what the hey, it was on sale and didn't look like it would kill me.

Then a couple days after I bought it, my dear, sweet fiance went digging through the cabinets looking for the special K. That's when I dropped the bomb that *gasp* I bought something else!!!!!! Being the ever-so adventurous soul that he is, he got a big bowl. When he finally worked up the nerve to eat the first bite, the strangest look came across his face. "What's wrong?" I asked... To which he replied, "It tastes like what you would expect a cereal high in fiber would taste like!"

Now coming from him, this was not a good thing.... Needless to say, that put me off trying it for a while.

So, this morning, after everyone was taken where they needed to be I decided to brave the previous review and try it for myself.

The cereal itself looked o' so yummy! I filled about half a bowl, then tossed a bit of granola on top, just for good measure! I took the first bite and was completely surprised by how sweet it was! I'm not sure what I was expecting (cardboard maybe) but the cereal was really, really good. The berries were nice and tart, and the flakes were crunchy goodness! I'm not sure where my fiance is coming from on this, but I think that this was one of the best cereals I've had in a long time (definitely the best organic).


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