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My newest obsession


Taste of Home Healthy Cooking magazine.... I am officially obsessed! I got a free trial and received my first issue the other day. As usual it got tossed in a pile with the rest of the catalogs and magazines that I say I'll eventually read!

Then today I decided to go through the pile and actually look at some of them. Most were girlie fashion magazines (which are so not me), but then I flipped through the Healthy Cooking mag and was instantly impressed!

Usually magazines with "healthy" recipes are just not for me. The recipes are normally too fancy or they take all day to make. So I figured I would just tear out the recipes I liked and put them on my computer. Next thing I knew I had half the magazine tore out! Then I checked out their website and realized that with your subscription you get complete access to every back issue online!

I have been sitting here for over an hour now copying and pasting recipes into my recipe database. I recommend that anyone looking for some yummy recipes that are good for you go to their site. They offer a free issue for new subscribers... Check it out!


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