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Spooky Daddy Toys


Once upon a time a spooky daddy had a spooky baby. He soon realized that there just wasn't enough spooky toys out there. Especially ones that would actually stand the test of time! SO away he went to learn the art of sewing!

Spookydaddy is a personal friend of mine who makes these amazing monster plushies.

Here's a quote from his website Spookydaddy.com:
"Nothing is just glued on. I carefully machine sew everything in place so it is sure to last. I am a father so when I make toys i make them durable enough to stand up to the rough love little kids can give their favorite toys. With Spooky Daddy Toys you never have to worry about your new best friend falling apart. These fellas are made to keep for a long long time."

He's an amazing artist... A great friend... and an awesome dad! Stop by and check out his stuuf sometime!

Here's his website: www.spookydaddy.com
His flickr (Which has photos of all his toys): Spookydaddy photostream
And last but not least his online store: Spookydaddy on Etsy


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