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The best Diaper on the Market!

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I was looking through a parenting magazine the other day, and read an ad for gDiapers. It sounded interesting since I would eventually like to have another baby. I have been pretty set in the fact that when ever we do decide to have another baby, I wanted to use cloth diapers. It just seemed that all of them we found were so bulky, and just completely inconvenient. Well, when I got online this morning and logged on to my BabyCenter Community Board, there was a post about gDiapers. Which lead me to do a little research on them.

OH MY GOODNESS! I truly believe that these are the greatest things ever :) If you use the disposible inserts they're just as expensive as sposies. So you're not really saving money there, but If you use the gCloth inserts, it's just as cost saving as cloth diapers. Without as much bulk and with more convienence. Not to mention, if you choose to use the disposible inserts, you can just flush, compost, or toss them. They are completely biodegradable!!!! How great is that?


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